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Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Light

Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Light Mobile Lifts Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The Portable lift. For those who need a light mobile lift that folds away easily, we’ve developed LikoLight. Though it works much like any other mobile lift, its added advantage is that you can take it with you when you travel or store it conveniently. In fact, LikoLight can be quickly disassembled in three pieces to facilitate transport and storage. LikoLight is ideal for all the most common lifting situations; for example, lifts from bed to wheelchair, to and from ...

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Home Elevator Residential Trio Home Elevator

Home Elevator Residential Trio Home Elevator Elevator Lifts Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Florida

The Stiltz Home Lift is a through floor lift that’s specially designed to fit into your home. Already popular in Europe , it’s the first lift of its kind available in the USA. Developed to make your life easier, the lift helps you stay in your home when the stairs get too much. Compared with the cost and inconvenience of moving home, a Stiltz Home Lift really is a cost – effective option.

The Stiltz Duo Home Lift carries one or ...

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Pool Lifts aXs Lift

aXs Lift Pool Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The aXs lift is the perfect lift for simple pool designs, where its low profile and attractive appearance make swimming pool access easy. The aXs lift meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG 2010) and has a 300 pound lifting capacity. The aXs lift installs into your pool deck via locking anchor. 360° rotation ensures a safe transfer area.

Powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery. Powder coated stainless steel and aluminum.
Shipping Dimensions: 125 lbs. 40″L x 48″W x ...

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Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Sabina

Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Sabina Mobile Lifts Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Florida

Sit-to-Stand Professional Grade Lift. Sabina differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. Cleverly designed accessories enable a unique range of possibilities with one and the same lift. The ability to adapt each sit-to-stand or lifting operation to the needs and capabilities of the individual always results in greater safety, comfort and convenience than using the same solution for all patients. Sabina has easily exchangeable slingbars. The most common is the 350-slingbar, which is used in combination with Liko SupportVest or Liko SafetyVest ...

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Home Elevators She-Tech

Home Elevators She-Tech Elevator Lifts Delray Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Includes an EMI controller, door lock, and selector
  • Cab is real 3/4” plywood with finished oak verneer
  • Multiple options for:
    • wood and finishes
    • fixtures
    • hand rails
    • sills
  • Low voltage LED lighting comes standard
  • Maximum weight capacity {950 lbs}
  • Maximum speed capacity {40 fpm}


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Pool Lifts The Scout Lift (F-800SC-DER-D)

Pool Lifts The Scout Lift (F-800SC-DER-D) Pool Lifts Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Florida

The Scout ™ pool and spa lift is an ADA Compliant pool lift designed for in-ground anchoring. This lift is designed to be able to fit into many existing anchor systems. By limiting anchor installation costs, the Scout lift is ideal for easy and affordable ADA compliance.

In addition The Scout Pool Lift has 360 degree rotational ability providing versatility in accessibility solutions.

It can also accommodate partially raised pools and spas with the Scout Hi-Lift version.

Features Include:
•  350 lb (159kg) ...

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Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Uno

Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Uno Mobile Lifts Delray Fort Lauderdale Florida

Basic Commercial Grade Lift. The fundamental principles behind Uno’s design are well tried and tested. Liko has developed these concepts and equipped Uno with many smart functions. Thanks to its unique features, Uno has quickly become a favorite in residential and home-care settings. Uno is the ideal lift for day-to-day use. It’s easy to use and maneuver, enabling convenient access even in bathrooms where space is limited. The Uno family includes five models in two different sizes. Lifting capacity: Uno ...

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Home Elevators S.H.E.

Home Elevators S.H.E. Specialty Products Fort Lauderdale
  • Machine RoomLees, no wasted space for equipment
  • Smooth ride counter-weighted traction elevator
  • Quiet chain drive uses no hydraulic oil
  • Most efficient with VVVF Drive
  • LED lighting is standard
  • Car Operating Panel with Emergency Light and Phone
  • Real Wood cab
  • Maximum 950 ib. capacity is standerd
  • Maximum 40 feed, per minute is standerd
  • Made in the USA


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Pool Lifts The Pro Pool-XR Lift (F-004PLB-XR)

Pool Lifts The Pro Pool-XR Lift (F-004PLB-XR) Pool Lifts Delray Fort Lauderdale Florida

The new Pro Pool-XR is based off of the trusted, sleek design of Aqua Creek’s Original Pro Pool Lift and is also verified by an independent third part to be ADA compliant.

The Pro Pool™-XR boasts an additional 10 inches of reach to clear wide gutters and spa benches. This extended reach can also clear an 8 inch high by 8 inch deep curb or pool wall. This makes it ideal for raised perimeter pools and spas.

The Pro Pool XR provides ...

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Handicap Equipment Auto Lift AL215 Axis I / Single Axis Inside Lift

Handicap Equipment Auto Lift AL215 Axis I / Single Axis Inside Lift Fort Lauuderdale Fl

Harmar’s AL215 is an efficient and economical solution for transporting smaller, lighter power chairs and scooters. Powered lifting and manual rotation helps load the mobility device. An offset post allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded to the side of the vehicle. Other convenient features include adjustable base and arm height with boom arm strap. Includes weather-resistant hand control. Smaller vehicle space? New EZ-Detach Seatback accessory converts power chairs to a lower profile to fit more easily into small cargo areas. Includes easy-turn handles, weight-distributing handle bar for easy removal and replacement. Also Compatible with Truck Lift Applications.

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