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AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift Auto Lifts Boca Raton

The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is today’s most popular outside scooter lift. The unique hold-down foot automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 350-pound lifting capacity.

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Maxi Sky 440

Maxi Sky 440 Ceiling Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The portable ceiling lift system
A portable ceiling lift solution that allows a single caregiver to perform transfers under handset control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting.

Key features
•  Weighing just 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg), the compact lift cassette with folding sling hooks and integrated carry handle is very easy to move from room to room. Portability does not mean compromising on capacity.
•  The Maxi Sky 440 can lift up to 440 lbs (200 kg), making ...

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SARA 3000

SARA 3000 Mobile Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The latest SARA technology is innovative and affordable
SARA 3000 is a new standing and raising aid that features the latest improvements in this ArjoHuntleigh-pioneered product concept. The ergonomic design and powered features enable a single caregiver to provide first-class care during routine handling activities such as transfers and toileting.

Key points
•  Supports ergonomic working routines for the caregiver
•  Supports mobility-maintaining and standing exercise for the resident
•  Anatomical design for resident comfort
•  Safe working load 440 lbs ...

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Model 180-135

Model 180-135 Pool Lifts Boca Raton

In-Ground, Automatic 135° Seat Rotation for Pools and Spas with Built-In Benches or Seats. Designed to meet ALL ADA guidelines. — Automatic 135°clockwise seat turn — Lifts 400 lbs. at 55-65 PSI, depending on weight of accessories chosen — Portable – lifts out and rolls away with no tools — Height of the lift in raised position varies up to 7’1″ Model IGAT-180/135 allows the user’s feet on the footrest to avoid built-in benches and descends in deeper center of ...

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Maxi Sky 600

Maxi Sky 600 Ceiling Lifts Boca Raton

The ceiling lift system for best coverage
By offering versatile track layout solutions and resident lifting capacity geared to tomorrow’s heavier resident population, Maxi Sky 600 offers the best possible coverage for your facility.

Key features
•  The ideal ceiling lift for routine transfers of non-ambulatory residents. With a lifting capacity of 600 lbs. (272 kg), it is also designed to help you meet the demands of handling heavier care facility populations in the future.
•  The modular track system enables ...

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SARA Plus Mobile Lifts Boca Raton

An advanced standing and raising aid
SARA Plus fulfills all the requirements of a standing and raising aid, and offers something extra – its advanced patient support features promote mobility more than any other aid of this type.

It widens the range of residents who can enjoy mobility-activating benefits and can provide balance, stepping and walking training.

Key points
•  Design innovations in resident support collectively known as the Comfort Circle enable a single caregiver to raise more residents than ever before ...

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Model IGAT-180AD

Model IGAT-180AD Pool Lifts Delray

In-Ground Above-Deck -Meets or exceeds current recommendations and future requirements of the ADA. -Automatic 180º Clockwise Seat Turn ** -Elevated Deck Clearance to allow for automatic pool covers or pool/spa combinations. -Powered by Water Pressure — lifts up to 350 LB. at 55 PSI while lifting or approx. 60 PSI static faucet pressure. * -Vertical Seat Travel – 42″ -Installs in Deck Socket (Socket Cover included) -Portable (Lift Out and Put Away) -Flip-Up Footrest Included -Can Be Padlocked in Seat-Up ...

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Maxi Sky 1000

Maxi Sky 1000 Ceiling Lifts Delray

The bariatric ceiling lift system
A sophisticated ceiling lift system that allows a single caregiver to perform transfers of bariatric residents under handset control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting.

Key features
•  Maxi Sky 1000 allows safe, comfortable and dignified transfers of bariatric residents.
•  The lift cassette can be installed on a semi-permanent gantry or a permanent ceiling-mounted straight track.
•  A full range of bariatric loop or clip slings can be attached to the four-point ...

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Walker Mobile Lifts Delray

“The first step is the hardest.” This old proverb suddenly seems more relevant than ever for patients facing a new challenge: to regain their ability to walk.

The Walker provides the optimum conditions to take that first step – a safe environment for both patient and therapist. The Walker goes on to play an important supporting role every step of the way during the initial stages of a patient’s rehabilitation and ambulation training.

From the moment the highly maneuverable Walker is wheeled ...

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Model IGAT-90

Model IGAT-90 Pool Lifts Miami

In-Ground Automatic 90° Seat Turn Features -Independent Operation -Automatic 90 Degree Seat Turn** -Powered by Water Pressure -Lifts up to 400 LBS. at 55 PSI while operating, which equals approximately 60 PSI static pressure when measured at the faucet or hose.* -Vertical Seat Travel – 42″ -Installs in Deck Socket -Portable (Lift Out and Roll Away) -Can be Padlocked in Seat-Up Position * Note that the pressure requirement for a faucet or hose connection is approximately 10% higher to achieve ...

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