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Ceiling Lift

Ceiling Lift Ceiling Lifts Miami

A lifting solution for the home, nursing home and hospital. One unique range, four different model options. Each intelligently designed to suit both user and carer. A safe and powerful solution to moving and handling, with precise fingertip control. Controlled transfer from from a bed , chair, toilet or bathing area. Features include soft start/stop, variable speed, limiting device and emergency lowering in case of battery failure. We provide free in home evaluations and installation for local customers by one ...

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Maxi Sky 440

Maxi Sky 440 Ceiling Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The portable ceiling lift system
A portable ceiling lift solution that allows a single caregiver to perform transfers under handset control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting.

Key features
•  Weighing just 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg), the compact lift cassette with folding sling hooks and integrated carry handle is very easy to move from room to room. Portability does not mean compromising on capacity.
•  The Maxi Sky 440 can lift up to 440 lbs (200 kg), making ...

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Maxi Sky 600

Maxi Sky 600 Ceiling Lifts Boca Raton

The ceiling lift system for best coverage
By offering versatile track layout solutions and resident lifting capacity geared to tomorrow’s heavier resident population, Maxi Sky 600 offers the best possible coverage for your facility.

Key features
•  The ideal ceiling lift for routine transfers of non-ambulatory residents. With a lifting capacity of 600 lbs. (272 kg), it is also designed to help you meet the demands of handling heavier care facility populations in the future.
•  The modular track system enables ...

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Maxi Sky 1000

Maxi Sky 1000 Ceiling Lifts Delray

The bariatric ceiling lift system
A sophisticated ceiling lift system that allows a single caregiver to perform transfers of bariatric residents under handset control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting.

Key features
•  Maxi Sky 1000 allows safe, comfortable and dignified transfers of bariatric residents.
•  The lift cassette can be installed on a semi-permanent gantry or a permanent ceiling-mounted straight track.
•  A full range of bariatric loop or clip slings can be attached to the four-point ...

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Easytrack FS

Easytrack FS Ceiling Lifts Miami

Free standing system for portable ceiling lifts
The Easytrack FS is a freestanding, versatile solution for all types of point-to-point transfers – wheelchair to bed, bed to chair, even in the bathroom, anywhere there is a lift and transfer need.

The Easytrack FS has a safe working capacity of 440 lb (200 kg) That’s exceptional for a portable product making it suitable for use in almost any home. This equipment was designed to allow those with a mobility impairment to continue ...

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Celing fastened track KWIKtrak

Celing fastened track KWIKtrak Ceiling Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The BHM family of ceiling lifts glide smoothly under their own power, or manually along our KWIKtrak ceiling mounted system. KWIKtrak’s low profile design blends nicely into any rooms decor. A simple straight track design provides basic point to point transfers. The addition of a curved track allows access to the bathroom for toilet and bathing needs. Optional turntables, exchangers and gates eliminate almost all mobility barriers and allow you to use our ceiling lifts to their fullest potential. When ...

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Liko Golvo

Liko Golvo Mobile Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The Multipurpose Lift. With its world-patented lifting principle, Golvo offers unique flexibility and versatility. We have developed Golvo based on our knowledge of varying lifting needs within the care sector. Together with Liko’s functional slings and accessories, Golvo is the right lift in every situation. Lifting capacity: 440 lbs (200 kg). Important features: · Vertical lifting motion; the easiest, most logical way of lifting a person. · Retractable arm rests, for the patient and assistant to hold on to, give ...

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Liko Capella

Liko Capella Mobile Lifts Fort Lauderdale

Rise and shine! Capella is an electrically powered Sit-to-stand lift, designed for people who have difficulty getting up. Capella raises the resident from sitting to fully standing in a comfortable way and without strain on the caregiver. When standing, the resident can be moved, for example to the bathroom, where undressing is easily performed while in the lift. The lift is very easy to maneuver and spares the caregiver from heavy and dangerous manual lifts. Capella is also appropriate for ...

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Liko Caroli

Liko Caroli Mobile Lifts Delray

A lift for home care… Caroli is a versatile, easy-to-use lift with electrically powered lifting motion. Caroli helps residents and caregivers in many different, day-to-day living situations, for example: Caroli has many advantages compared to similar home-care lifts on the market. For example, the lift column can be set at three different height positions, enabling lifting from the floor as well as to very high beds or gurneys. Caroli is very easy to maneuver and spares the caregiver from heavy ...

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Liko Light

Liko Light Mobile Lifts Miami

The Portable lift. For those who need a light mobile lift that folds away easily, we’ve developed LikoLight. Though it works much like any other mobile lift, its added advantage is that you can take it with you when you travel or store it conveniently. In fact, LikoLight can be quickly disassembled in three pieces to facilitate transport and storage. LikoLight is ideal for all the most common lifting situations; for example, lifts from bed to wheelchair, to and from ...

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