Bath Safety Advantage Rail

Discover the Advantage Rail™: Elevate Your Support and Stability

Experience unparalleled support and security with the Advantage Rail™ – a game-changer in enhancing your daily routines. Here’s why the Advantage Rail™ stands out as a highly effective addition to your space:

Precision Support: The pivoting feature allows you to position the horizontal rail exactly where it provides maximum support, ensuring every movement is backed by solid stability.

Enhanced Stability: With a locking mechanism that ensures excellent stability during lateral transfers, the Advantage Rail™ empowers you with confidence and peace of mind.

Wider Coverage: Enjoy a wider support zone that spans across a larger area, offering increased stability for multi-step transfers and movements.

Built to Last: Crafted from heavy-duty steel and protected by a durable enamel finish, the Advantage Rail™ is designed to serve you for years, delivering consistent reliability.

Tailored Comfort: Flexibility is key, and the Advantage Rail™ adapts to your needs. Adjust the height to your preference, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

Ready to embrace heightened support, stability, and ease in your daily routines? Experience the Advantage Rail™ difference. For sizing, pricing, and installation options, connect with us. Elevate your mobility and discover the Advantage Rail™ advantage – a cornerstone of enhanced well-being.

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