Bath Safety Rhapsody & Primo

Experience the epitome of bathing excellence with the ArjoHuntleigh Bathing System – an integrated solution designed to elevate every facet of the bathing cycle. Discover a world of possibilities with two distinct tub shapes – the classic Primo and the modern Rhapsody, each catering to unique preferences.

Versatile Tub Options: Choose between the traditional straight-edged Primo or the contemporary keyhole-shaped Rhapsody, allowing you to align your bathing experience with your aesthetic sensibilities.

Customized Lengths: With your choice of mobile lift, unlock the freedom to select from three tub lengths. Opt for the shorter tub for increased mobility or the longer tub for residents requiring extra assistance.

Height-Adjustable Innovation: Our tubs and lifts seamlessly integrate height-adjustability, ensuring a comprehensive solution that encompasses every phase of the bathing journey – from transfers to transportation.

Embrace a new era of bathing with the ArjoHuntleigh Bathing System. Transform each stage of the cycle into an opportunity for comfort, safety, and efficiency. For detailed information on tub shapes, lengths, and compatibility with our mobile lifts, contact us today. Elevate your bathing experience and redefine care with the ArjoHuntleigh Bathing System – where customization meets innovation.

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