Bath Safety Century

Bath Safety Century Bath Safety Delray Fort Lauderdale Florida

The key-hole shaped sit bath system
A sit bath, the traditional bathing method in many parts of the world, is also a space-saving alternative. Now fully redesigned, Century offers the best available sit bath with better features and options, and a new keyhole-shaped tub.

Key points
•   Many improvements have been made on the proven Century design.
•   A new panel provides better control over functions, and the new tub design offers improved immersion.
•   Therapy options include Hydromassage and Hydrosound.

System integration
The complete Century concept includes integration with the height-adjustable lift hygiene chairs, Alenti or Calypso, to provide a complete solution for the bathing cycle.

Enhancing lives
Century can enhance quality of life by improving the overall experience of sit bath sessions.

Making tasks easier and safer
Now easier to operate, Century also offers time-saving features such as Auto-fill. The new keyhole shape and the low rim height improve working conditions by enhancing access to the resident during bathing sessions.

Improving care and efficiency
As well as providing a better sit bathing experience, the complete Century concept allows a single caregiver to manage the entire bathing cycle thus maximizing staff efficiency.