Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Golvo

Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Golvo Mobile Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The Multipurpose Lift. With its world-patented lifting principle, Golvo offers unique flexibility and versatility. We have developed Golvo based on our knowledge of varying lifting needs within the care sector. Together with Liko’s functional slings and accessories, Golvo is the right lift in every situation. Lifting capacity: 440 lbs (200 kg). Important features: · Vertical lifting motion; the easiest, most logical way of lifting a person. · Retractable arm rests, for the patient and assistant to hold on to, give an added sense of security. · Parallel and symmetrical base-width adjustment enables easy access around beds and wheelchairs. We provide free in home evaluations and installation for local customers by one of our certified professionals. Call for details and pricing. 954-888-9292