Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Viking XL

Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Viking XL Mobile Lifts Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Florida

For the heaviest lifts. Lifting heavy patients entails great responsibility. Although Viking XL has been specially developed for very heavy patients, it is also suitable for average-sized people. A lifting capacity of 660 lbs. (300 kg) makes Viking XL ideal for all heavy lifting situations, including lifts from the floor. Despite its size, Viking XL weighs only 95 lbs. (43 kg) and is very easy to handle. Equipped with Armrests (accessory), XL is ready for gait training and can be an invaluable aid to rehabilitation, even for extremely heavy patients. Important features: · Lifting capacity: 660 lbs. (300 kg) · Weighs only 95 lbs. (43 kg) · Made of aluminum: attractive, strong and environmentally friendly. We provide free in home evaluations and installation for local customers by one of our certified professionals. Call for details and pricing. 954-888-9292