Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Viking M

The all-round lift, Viking M, is sure to become a favored lifting solution, offering a blend of features and benefits designed for optimal performance. With over 25 years of market-leading product development behind it, Viking M is crafted to handle the most common lifting situations and is even suitable for accessing tight spaces such as bathrooms.

Key features:
  • Versatility: Viking M’s wide range of applications makes it suitable for various lifting needs, from everyday tasks to more specialized situations.
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing only 77 lbs. (35 kg), it’s easy to maneuver and handle.
  • High Lifting Capacity: Despite its low overall weight, Viking M can lift up to 450 lbs. (205 kg), ensuring it meets the needs of most users.
  • Aluminum Material: Constructed with aluminum, Viking M is not only strong and attractive but also environmentally friendly.
  • Rehabilitation Aid: Equipped with armrests, Viking M can be used for gait training and rehabilitation, adding to its wide range of uses.

Together with Liko’s functional slings and accessories, Viking M stands as a perfect all-round lift, suitable for patients and caregivers with varied needs and high demands. Its design and features reflect an understanding of the complexities and requirements of lifting and transferring patients in various settings.

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