Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Viking S

Small but strong, the Viking S is the smallest member of the Viking family and offers a compelling combination of benefits and features. It’s an easily maneuvered mobile lift, making it perfect for environments where space is limited.

Key features:
  • Lightweight Construction: Weighing only 55 lbs. (25 kg), it’s simple to handle and move.
  • High Lifting Capacity: Despite its small size, it can lift patients up to 350 lbs. (160 kg).
  • Versatility: Appropriate for all common lifting situations, such as transfers between bed and wheelchair, to and from the toilet and bathtub, or lifting someone who has fallen to the floor.
  • Aluminum Material: Made of aluminum, it’s not only strong and attractive but also environmentally friendly.

These features collectively make the Viking S an unbeatable solution for various lifting needs in settings with limited space.

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