Mobility Handicap Lifts SARA Plus

Meet SARA Plus, the embodiment of comprehensive standing and raising aid capabilities, accompanied by an innovative twist – a set of advanced patient support features that transcend conventional aids by significantly boosting mobility promotion.

Empowering Mobility: Beyond the Norm: SARA Plus transcends boundaries to empower an expanded array of residents, enabling a new horizon of mobility-enhancing benefits, including balance, stepping, and walking training.

Pioneering Comfort Circle Design: Enter the Comfort Circle, a revolutionary design innovation that allows a solitary caregiver to confidently raise more residents into a standing position than ever before. Stress-free dressing, toileting, and transferring become seamless tasks thanks to this intuitive design. Task-specific slings add to the standing and transfer process.

Initiating Groundbreaking First Steps: SARA Plus introduces the first-step system, a dynamic duo comprising the Proactive Pad and a height-adjustable knee support. This tandem lays the foundation for a range of floor-based training exercises, pushing boundaries for resident progress.

Customizable Advancements: SARA Plus offers a gamut of options, including an integrated electronic scale, commode seat, and leg straps, catering to diverse care needs.

Elevating Lives, One Mobility Boost at a Time: SARA Plus harnesses existing mobility potential to the maximum, enhancing the quality of life by sustaining and nurturing current mobility levels for as long as possible.

A Touch of Innovation- Handset Control: With SARA Plus, a battery-powered, handheld device takes charge of the raising and lowering actions. This tech-driven assistance eradicates the need for manual handling in various daily routines.

Redefining Efficiency: SARA Plus emboldens caregivers to mobilize a greater number of residents with utmost efficiency. As a cost-effective investment, this standing and raising aid redefines care standards through single-c caregiver operation for transfers and training.

Unveiling Specialized Slings: Enter the Bos sling, a specialized variant within the SARA Plus standing sling range. Engineered to offer enhanced support by gently coaxing the resident’s buttocks inwards towards the lift, this unique design results in a more upright standing position – a favorable stance for rehabilitation endeavors.


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