Mobility Handicap Lifts Sara Stedy

Sara Steady® represents a significant advancement in mobility-promoting support aids. It builds on the previous success of Steady®, enhancing its features to minimize manual handling by caregivers in a wider range of care situations. The updated design aims to meet the standing assistance needs of larger patients while ensuring improved comfort and support.

Key Features:
  • New Seat Design: The innovative pivoting seat not only enhances patient stability but also improves the efficiency of transfers.
  • Easy-to-Open Chassis: The pedal-operated chassis legs can be adjusted easily, allowing for optimum access during various transfer situations.
  • Built-In Seat Handgrips: Integrated handgrips in the seat enable caregivers to easily turn the support aid, aiding in maneuverability.
  • Better Knee Support: This feature provides extra stability or firm support, particularly beneficial when a patient cannot fully control leg movements.
  • Total-Lock Castors: The new total-lock castors offer complete stability when the aid is stationary, enhancing safety.
  • Lower Chassis: With smaller castors and redesigned legs, the lower chassis provides better access and compatibility with various settings.
  • Increased Inner Width and Safe Working Load: With an inner width increase and safe working load raised to 182 kg, Sara Steady meets the needs of a broader range of patients.

Sara Steady® stands as a comprehensive solution for patient transfers, encompassing a range of features tailored to both patient comfort and caregiver convenience. Its adaptable design ensures that it can cater to various patient sizes and needs, marking it as an indispensable tool in modern patient care.


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