Pool Lifts Model IGAT-90

Pool Lifts Model IGAT-90 Pool Lifts Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

In-Ground Automatic 90° Seat Turn Features -Independent Operation -Automatic 90 Degree Seat Turn** -Powered by Water Pressure -Lifts up to 400 LBS. at 55 PSI while operating, which equals approximately 60 PSI static pressure when measured at the faucet or hose.* -Vertical Seat Travel – 42″ -Installs in Deck Socket -Portable (Lift Out and Roll Away) -Can be Padlocked in Seat-Up Position * Note that the pressure requirement for a faucet or hose connection is approximately 10% higher to achieve our rated load. ** Opposite facing (opposite turn) units available(custom charges may apply). We provide free in home evaluations and installation for local customers by one of our certified professionals. Call for pricing. 954-888-9292