Ocean VIP

Ocean VIP Rehab Shower Chairs Miami

The next wave in comfort and style, Aquatec’s Ocean VIP tilting shower chair is height adjustable, for easier transfers or toilet clearance. Ocean VIP provides correct posture for your hygiene needs with tilt-in-space movement and seating choices. Components Ocean VIP components are made from stainless-steel and corrosion-free materials. A bonus for traveling, the Ocean VIP can be disassembled for packing or cleaning ease. Footrests can be lengthened easily with locking pins and include tilting footplate and heel loops. The seat is waterfall style with a hygiene cut-out for comfort. Three wheels have a foot activated brake and one rear wheel has direction lock for straight line travel. A handle on the back push bar sets the tilt from 0 -35. Call For pricing. 954-888-9292