Parker Bath

Parker Bath Bath Systems Delray

Discover a smoother, safer solution for assisted Bathing

It stands alone
The Parker Bath from ARJO is a unique reclining bathing system. This bath is one of the few in the world to combine the care-enhancing benefits of side-entry access and powered raising, lowering and reclining. It facilitates smooth assisted bathing routines in unrivalled safety and comfort for residents and caregivers.

It seats all residents
A unique side-entry access system and integral molded bath seat enables easy transfer solutions for all residents, even those with limited mobility, and is especially suited for Albert, Barbara and Carl.

It can be placed anywhere
Its compact, stand-alone design and flexible utility connections enable the bath to be installed wherever it fits best – in an alcove, “peninsula” or in the center of the room.

It sets new standards
In residential healthcare and hospital settings, the Parker Bath offers enhanced care in a streamlined, time-efficient bathing cycle free from the risks associated with manual handling.

It stands the test of time
This bathing system has proved to be a durable product based on an innovative concept. Continuous enhancement means the bath is still winning prestigious design awards. A focus on superior product quality ensures the system keeps its attractive, sleek appearance and offers reliable performance throughout a long, intensive service life.

Welcome to a streamlined, stress-free Bathing cycle

The bathing cycle with a Parker Bath from ARJO is safe, comfortable and dignified for the resident at all stages, and involves no manual lifting, strain or stress for the caregiver. Using this bath saves time and resources, as well as the caregiver’s back.

From the moment you start pre-filling the bath, you start saving time – and water. The pre-fill delivers enough water to the footwell to provide a comfortable bath while reclined, whereas an ordinary bath would require far more. The caregiver can use the pre-fill time to collect and prepare the resident for the bath.

The bath’s unique side-entry access allows easy assisted and unassisted transfers. Albert*, for instance, would require minimum or no assistance. Barbara can be easily transferred from a walker or active lifter, while Carl can enter from an active or passive lifter. During the transfer, the only physical assistance that may be required is help to position the resident’s legs in the warm water of the footwell.

The combination of a handset control, the reclined bath position, and height adjustability mean the caregiver can always work close to the resident in a comfortable posture and ensure the bath is at the correct working height. Controls for bath filling and shower functions are within easy reach on the thermostatic control panel, and the stand-alone bath design enables good all-around access. The optional MultiClean enables time-efficient hygiene procedures after each bath to fight the risk of cross infection. It automatically mixes a bacteria-combating cleaning agent to your pre-selected strength and delivers it either to the bath surfaces via a trigger-action showerhead, or through the air spa system for internal hygiene control. Time saved on transfers and other routine aspects of the bathing cycle means the caregiver has more time to devote to the resident, who in turn enjoys more quality time in the bath. And in the greater scheme of things, a streamlined bathing cycle allows an ideal number of bathing sessions per day in residential facilities.

Superior Product quality stands the test of time

Quality is built into the bathing system at every stage – from innovative design and selection of high-quality materials to advanced laminating technology and hand-finishing.

Dedication to design and quality has won the continually enhanced Parker Bath from ARJO numerous awards over two decades, spanning from “The Prince of Wales’ Award” for Industrial Innovation to the prestigious “US Nightingale Award”.

High-quality design remains a top priority. A special design team works to continuously develop the Parker Bath. You can be assured that it offers the most advanced features available for improving the safety and comfort of bather and caregiver alike.

A high-quality material, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is used because it is warm to the touch and offers comfortable support – factors that enhance quality of life for residents. This tough material also opens up a range of bath color alternatives, as well as allowing the high- quality finish that gives the bathing system the durability to withstand heavy and continued use.

Each bath is built to the customer’s specification and can incorporate options such as air spa, soap dispenser, Auto-fill and the cleaner/disinfection system, MultiClean. A range of support accessories for head, back and lower limbs, covers individual bathers’ extra comfort needs.
At each stage of the production process, quality is controlled according to the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:1996 standard. The Parker Bath from ARJO is CE marked and holds the relevant Medical Electrical Equipment approvals for markets throughout Europe and North America.

Superior product quality shows not only in everyday use, but also when the unexpected happens. The bath offers safeguard features such as:
•  A battery back up system for emergency lowering if the main power fails
•  Thermostatic control with built-in scald protection

This attention to quality means the Parker Bath from ARJO can be relied on to perform its important safety and comfort-enhancing role in assisted bathing, day after day. Looking forward, lasting quality ensures the bath will retain its attractive appearance during a long service life, handling the heavy workload of a residential or hospital bathing facility.