Environment Control Pilot One

Pilot One Environment Control Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Florida

Convert spoken commands into signals and control numerous devices – television, telephone, lights, door system, and more. The Pilot One is a brand new introduction to the North American market featuring simple voice programming steps and improved voice recognition capabilities. This portable and easily programmable device can be used in any environment.

Key Features:
•  Pre-programmed menu structure
•  IR and X-10 interfaces
•  Easy-to-train IR learning
•  Voice training with no computer required
•  Convenient graphic display
•  Auditory and Visual feedback
•  “Direct Learning” infrared for easy programming with your existing remotes
•  Supports external microphones
•  Latest generation speech recognition technology
•  Internal microphone
•  External keys for caregiver use

Formerly SiCare Light II