Environment Control Pilot Pro

Pilot Pro Environment Control Delray Fort Lauderdale Florida

Combining the best in Infrared and X10 remote controls, the Pilot Pro brings the freedom of natural speech to appliances throughout the home. With the Pilot Pro, spoken commands are used for remote control of numerous devices in multiple environments. Control a television, telephone, lights, door systems, and more with simple, intuitive commands like, “TV… On” or “Channel… Up”.

Pilot Pro is portable and programmable, meeting the needs of users at home, in the office, or within a healthcare facility. And its accessible – with switch scanning and 96 unique commands, arranged to suit the specific needs of your environment. Contact an AbleNet ECU dealer to see how Pilot Pro can deliver powerful access at the sound of your voice.

Key Features:
•  96 different words available in menus
•  RF and IR interfaces for all devices and X-10 controls
•  Programmable, adjustable menus with support for macros
•  Designed for complex home automation systems
•  Voice training with no computer required
•  Convenient graphic display
•  Auditory and Visual feedback
•  “Direct Learning” infrared for easy programming with your existing remotes
•  Supports external microphones
•  Latest generation speech recognition technology
•  Internal microphone
•  External keys for caregiver use

*Formerly SiCare Standard