Pool Lift Model AG-48

The Model AG48 is an above-ground pool and spa lift designed to provide assisted access for individuals with disabilities, especially in above-ground pools and spas of varying heights. This lift offers flexibility in installation and usage.

Key Features of the Model AG48 Above-Ground Pool and Spa Lift:
  • Adaptable for Varying Wall Heights: The lift can be adapted to fit above-ground pools and spas with different wall heights. This flexibility makes it suitable for various types of installations.
  • Assisted Operation: Typically, this lift is operated with assistance, meaning a helper or attendant aids the user in utilizing the lift.
  • Manual 360° Seat Turn: The lift includes a manual 360° seat turn feature. This means the seat can be manually rotated 360 degrees, providing ease of access from different angles.
  • Powered by Water Pressure: The lift is powered by water pressure, making it an energy-efficient solution.
  • Weight Capacity: The lift can lift weights of up to 300 lbs (approximately 136 kg) at a water pressure of 55-60 PSI.
  • Vertical Seat Travel: The standard vertical seat travel of the lift is 31 inches.
  • Portable: The lift is portable and can be moved to different locations if needed.
  • Mounting Options: The lift can be mounted on a sturdy tripod mounting plate, which is bolted to the deck. There are also other mounting options available depending on the specific application.
  • Variations in Seat Orientation: The lift can be installed with a seat facing away from the spa or pool (cylinder behind), or with the cylinder on the left or right side of the seat. The forward-facing seat option allows users’ legs and feet to clear benches in pools or spas.
  • Optional Side Seats: Optional side seats and various manual turn handles can allow some individuals to use the lift unassisted by manually rotating themselves while on the seat.
  • Applications: The lift is not limited to above-ground pools and spas. It can also be used in therapy pools, nursing home tubs, swim-spas, and other similar applications.

The Model AG48 Above-Ground Pool and Spa Lift offers a versatile solution for making above-ground pools and spas accessible to individuals with disabilities. Its adaptability, various seat orientations, and manual seat rotation make it a practical choice for different scenarios, especially when assisted operation is required.

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