Pool Lifts Model IGAT-90

The In-Ground Automatic 90° Seat Turn Pool Lift is designed to provide accessible entry and exit for individuals with disabilities in in-ground pools. It offers various features to enhance ease of use and convenience.

Key Features of the In-Ground Automatic 90° Seat Turn Pool Lift:
  • Independent Operation: The lift is designed for independent operation, empowering users to use the lift without assistance.
  • Automatic 90° Seat Turn: The lift features an automatic 90° seat turn. This automatic rotation allows users to smoothly transition from the deck to the pool or vice versa.
  • Powered by Water Pressure: The lift operates using water pressure as its power source. It can lift weights of up to 400 lbs. at 55 PSI while operating. The static pressure requirement at the faucet or hose connection might be around 10% higher to achieve the rated load.
  • Vertical Seat Travel: The lift offers a vertical seat travel of 42 inches. This considerable travel range accommodates different pool depths.
  • Installation in Deck Socket: The lift is installed in a deck socket, which provides stability and a secure base for the lift.
  • Portability: The lift is portable and can be lifted out and rolled away for storage or repositioning when needed.
  • Padlock Feature: The lift can be padlocked in the seat-up position, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized use.
  • Opposite Turn Option: Opposite facing (opposite turn) units are available, allowing for customization based on specific needs. Custom charges might apply for this option.

The In-Ground Automatic 90° Seat Turn Pool Lift offers a comprehensive solution for making in-ground pools accessible to individuals with disabilities. Its automatic seat turn, independent operation, and portability make it a valuable addition to facilities seeking to provide inclusive access. The lift’s design and features enhance convenience and safety for users with mobility challenges.

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