Mobility Handicap Lifts SARA 3000

Mobility Handicap Lifts SARA 3000 Mobile Lifts Fort Lauderdale

The latest SARA technology is innovative and affordable
SARA 3000 is a new standing and raising aid that features the latest improvements in this ArjoHuntleigh-pioneered product concept. The ergonomic design and powered features enable a single caregiver to provide first-class care during routine handling activities such as transfers and toileting.

Key points
•  Supports ergonomic working routines for the caregiver
•  Supports mobility-maintaining and standing exercise for the resident
•  Anatomical design for resident comfort
•  Safe working load 440 lbs (200 kg)
•  Large handles allow patients to adjust their grip, making them feel comfortable and secure during raising and lowering

Enhancing lives
By using the SARA 3000, mobility is activated during everyday transfers. Also mobility-maintaining and standing exercises are easy to perform.

Making tasks easier and safer
Assisted transfers and toileting can be carried out without the stress and risk of injury associated with manual handling.

Improving care and efficiency
Operation by a single caregiver means maximum efficiency for otherwise labor-intensive routines. The excellent level of functionality in relation to cost brings a higher standard of care within affordable reach.