Facing stairs can be a challenging issue if you have knee or back problems, potentially hindering your freedom and independence at home. With the Sadler stairlift from Stannah, those concerns can be put to rest. Designed to allow users to glide up and down stairs in a fully supported near-standing position, the Sadler minimizes stress on the knees and back. Easy to access and tailored to your personal specifications, it ensures a safe and secure journey without compromising dignity. If the Sadler seems like the perfect stairlift for you and you would like more information or a free, no-obligation quote, please call us at 954-888-9292.

Key Features and Benefits of the Sadler Stairlift:
  • Stand-Up Seating: Offers a near-standing position, ideal for those with back problems or difficulty bending knees.
  • Easy In, Easy Out: Customized to your height, featuring a tilting seat to facilitate entry and exit.
  • Safe and Secure: Includes a safety feature that prevents movement until the seatbelt is fastened (remote movement remains available).
  • Perfect for Narrow Stairs: Unobtrusive design makes it an excellent choice for narrow staircases.

Explore the independence and comfort that the Sadler stairlift can provide, uniquely designed to meet your needs, and fit into your home effortlessly.

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