Mobility Handicap Lifts Walker

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“The first step is the hardest.” This old proverb suddenly seems more relevant than ever for patients facing a new challenge: to regain their ability to walk.

The Walker provides the optimum conditions to take that first step – a safe environment for both patient and therapist. The Walker goes on to play an important supporting role every step of the way during the initial stages of a patient’s rehabilitation and ambulation training.

From the moment the highly maneuverable Walker is wheeled to the patient’s bedside or chair, it is helping to eliminate risk. The Walker’s hi-low function reduces transfer risks for both patient and physical therapist when lifting or lowering the patient to and from the standing position.

While in motion, the patients sense of security is further enhanced by safety and comfort features: adjustable handgrips for a firm hold, the U-shaped support table for leaning on and back/suspension straps to prevent falling.

Gets patients moving earlier
The design emphasis on safety and gives the patient confidence to get the most out of each training session. It also means that, in many cases, the physical therapist has the ability, using the Walker, to start a patients exercise program far earlier than normal. Apart from walking training, the Walker has the necessary stability for exercises focusing on standing, balancing and stretching. The Walker’s open sides offer the added advantage of free access to the patients hips, knees and ankles.

Benefits for a wide range of cases
Physiotherapists already working with the Walker have used it with good results in the rehabilitation and ambulation training of patients with conditions such as dementia and confusional states, Parkinsons disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, spinal injuries, herniated discs and hip and pelvis fractures. Depending on the patients condition, the Walker is suitable for patient-led or therapist-led training, and in certain cases its risk-reducing advantages mean that fewer staff members are required to carry out safe training sessions.

The Walker is a versatile training tool for the gym, treatment area or ward, which gives patients the support they need to progress safely towards their own level of achievable mobility.