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Introducing the Redesigned Century Sit Bath System: Elevating Tradition and Functionality

Rediscover the time-honored tradition of sit baths with the revolutionary Century Sit Bath System – a modern take on an age-old practice. With an array of enhancements and a cutting-edge keyhole-shaped tub design, Century offers a superior bathing experience with improved features and options.

Advancements in Design: Building upon the proven Century design, we’ve implemented numerous enhancements. A new control panel provides seamless control over functions, while the innovative keyhole-shaped tub design ensures improved immersion and comfort.

Therapeutic Options: Century doesn’t just offer a bath; it offers a therapeutic retreat. Choose from our range of options, including Hydromassage and Hydrosound, to transform each sit bath session into a rejuvenating experience.

Complete Integration: Elevate your bathing cycle with the complete Century concept. Seamlessly integrate with our height-adjustable lift hygiene chairs, Alenti or Calypso, to create a comprehensive bathing solution that enhances every step of the process.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Century is more than a bath – it’s a catalyst for improved well-being. Elevate the quality of life for residents by enhancing their sit bath sessions, creating moments of relaxation and comfort.

Effortless Operation: Century is designed to simplify tasks and enhance safety. With improved operability and time-saving features like Auto-fill, your caregivers can focus on providing the best care possible.

Optimized Care and Efficiency: Our complete Century concept revolutionizes care efficiency. With a single caregiver able to manage the entire bathing cycle, staff efficiency is maximized, leading to enhanced care and improved outcomes.

Discover the new era of sit bath experiences with Century. Elevate tradition, enhance functionality, and redefine care. For detailed information, customization options, and integration possibilities, contact us today. Embrace the Century Sit Bath System – where tradition meets innovation for a brighter bathing future.

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