Pool Lifts

Welcome to a world of inclusive aquatic enjoyment with our range of pool and jacuzzi lifts designed to ensure accessibility for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enhance your pool, jacuzzi, or even your boat, our selection of ADA-approved swimming pool lifts offers a safe and convenient solution for individuals with varying abilities.

  • Experience the gold standard in aquatic accessibility with the PAL (Portable Aquatic Lift), a renowned solution for granting effortless access to swimming pools. This innovative lift has garnered

  • Elevate your pool’s accessibility and aesthetic with the aXs Lift – a masterful solution tailored for uncomplicated pool designs. Its sleek, low-profile design seamlessly integrates into your pool

  • Introducing the Scout™ Pool and Spa Lift – your gateway to ADA-compliant pool access. Designed for in-ground anchoring, this exceptional lift not only ensures inclusivity but also offers remarkable

  • The Pro Pool™-XR is a new version of Aqua Creek’s Original Pro Pool Lift, designed to provide accessibility and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. It retains

  • The Pathfinder is an ADA compliant lift manufactured by Aqua Creek, designed to provide accessibility to individuals with disabilities for entering and exiting aquatic facilities. It combines

  • The multiLift is a pool lift offered by S.R. Smith, designed to provide accessibility for individuals with disabilities to enter and exit pools. It comes with several features that make it convenient

  • The In-Ground Automatic 180° Seat Turn ADA-Compliant Pool Lift is a specialized pool lift designed to provide accessible entry and exit for individuals with disabilities. It offers various

  • The Model AG48 is an above-ground pool and spa lift designed to provide assisted access for individuals with disabilities, especially in above-ground pools and spas of varying heights

  • The Spa Lift Model AG-48WP is designed to offer accessibility for above-ground pools and spas with walls over 48 inches in height. This lift is a specialized solution for providing assisted access