Bath Safety Parker Bath

A highly efficient solution for assisted bathing
Parker supports an efficient bathing cycle and provides a safe and relaxed bathing environment that delivers maximum benefits for the resident. The latest version of the continuously developed concept offers new features such as an integrated disinfection system and Sound & Vision™.

Key points
•   A quicker, better bathing cycle
Every aspect of the unique bathingcycle is designed to save time. Auto-fill enables the tub to be filled to a pre-set level while the carer fetches the resident.

•   Improve efficiency
The easy-to-operate system ensures efficient bathing routines. Side-entry tub access and mobile aid integration mean smooth transfers with no manual lifting.

•   Ensure optimum disinfection
Parker has an integrated disinfection system – the most time-efficient solution for disinfection of the bath’s external surfaces and internal Air Spa system.

•   Enhance the bathing experience
A range of options such as an air spa and Sound & Vision enables you to create a calm multisensory bathroom environment and optimum conditions for relaxation for residents of all ages.

System integration
The complete Parker concept includes integration with a number of active and passive lifts in the ArjoHuntleigh range, namely Sara Stedy, SARA Plus, SARA 3000, SARA Lite and MaxiSky 600 to create a total solution for the bathing cycle.

Making tasks easier and safer
The Parker bathing cycle is safely managed by a single carer and involves no manual lifting, strain or stress. A combination of hand control, the reclined bath position and height adjustability mean the carer can always work at the correct height and close to the resident.

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