Ceiling Lifts Maxi Sky 1000

The Maxi Sky 1000 bariatric ceiling lift system represents a specialized solution tailored to the unique needs of bariatric care. Designed with the safety and comfort of both caregiver and resident in mind, this system is suitable for care facilities needing to perform routine transfers of bariatric patients.

Key features:
  • Specialized for Bariatric Care: The Maxi Sky 1000 is built to facilitate safe and dignified transfers of bariatric residents, catering to their specific needs.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Whether on a semi-permanent gantry or a permanent ceiling-mounted straight track, the lift cassette can be adapted to various care environments.
  • Adaptable Sling Options: It is compatible with a full range of bariatric loop or clip slings, which can be attached to the four-point sling bar.

Making tasks easier and safer: The Maxi Sky 1000 simplifies what would otherwise be a complex and physically demanding task. User-friendly controls allow the caregiver to regulate lifting speed and spreader bar height programmatically from the handset. For added safety, features such as a brake, manual lowering system, and cord-pull stopping device are integrated to protect the resident in emergencies.

Improving efficiency: Always ready when needed, the Maxi Sky 1000 is designed for efficiency. The immediate electronic soft-start and soft-stop function allow for precise control without delays or overrun, ensuring the lift can be stopped exactly where required.

By focusing on the unique challenges of bariatric care, the Maxi Sky 1000 ceiling lift system brings a robust, thoughtful solution to healthcare facilities. The ability to handle the special requirements of bariatric patients with ease and dignity not only enhances the quality of care but also protects the well-being of caregiving staff.

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