Freedom Bath

Introducing the Freedom Bath: Redefining Independent Bathing

As we age, the simple act of bathing can become a daunting challenge. The traditional high rim of a standard bathtub poses a safety risk for the elderly, limiting their access and independence. The Freedom Bath emerges as a groundbreaking solution, enabling residents to gracefully “age in place.”

At the heart of this innovation lies the ingenious Roll-Door. A seamless glide makes it disappear beneath the tub, liberating precious space and ensuring unobstructed entry and exit. Whether residents are ambulatory or require assistance, the Freedom Bath fosters true independence.

Tailored controls cater to both residents and caregivers, enhancing convenience. Versatility is a hallmark, as the Freedom Bath seamlessly fits into various room configurations. Choose freestanding placement for assisted bathing, affording caregivers access from three sides. For solo use, a recessed installation within a standard bathtub opening is a fitting choice.

But comfort is not compromised. A semi-reclined seat offers relaxation while accommodating refreshing showers, immersive baths, or therapeutic whirlpools. The built-in mixer simplifies installation—connect to power, water, and drainage for a seamless setup.

Welcome the Freedom Bath, a beacon of safety, accessibility, and comfort. Experience the transformation as barriers dissolve, making way for empowered and rejuvenating bathing experiences.

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