Handicap Equipment Auto Lift AL425 Axis II / 2-Axis Inside Lift

Harmar’s AL425 2-Axis Inside Lift represents the apex of Harmar’s inside, boom-style lifts, with a substantial lifting capacity of 400 lbs. Merging an attractive appearance with a multifaceted design, the AL425 creates a new benchmark for inside lifts. Its fully powered lifting and rotation capabilities, accompanied by an optional wireless remote, make the AL425 one of the most user-friendly and straightforward inside lifts to install and utilize. Whether you need to stow a power chair or scooter inside a van, truck, or SUV, the AL425 provides the optimal solution.

  • Fully Powered Lifting & Rotation: Effortless loading and unloading of mobility devices, offering convenience and ease.
  • Minimal Headroom Requirement: Requires only 30” of headroom, making it suitable for various vehicles.
  • Highly Adjustable Base & Boom: Tailors the lift to fit your specific needs, offering a wide range of customization.
  • Offset Post Design: Enables the mobility device to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle, adding convenience.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Can be installed on either side of the vehicle, offering flexibility.
  • Weather-Resistant Hand Control: Guarantees reliable operation in various weather conditions.
  • Docking Device Included: Further secures and facilitates the transportation of your scooter or power chair.
  • EZ-Detach Seatback Accessory: Converts power chairs to a lower profile to fit more easily into compact cargo areas, includes easy-turn handles and a weight-distributing handlebar.
  • Compatibility with Truck Lift Applications: Enhances the versatility of the lift.
  • Lifting Capacity: A robust 400 lbs. (181 kg), suitable for a wide range of power chairs and scooters.
  • Operation: Powered lifting & rotation, providing smooth and seamless operation.
  • Adjustable Boom Height: 30” – 42”, accommodating different vehicle heights.
  • Adjustable Boom Length: 23.5” – 33.5”, ensuring compatibility with various devices.
  • Adjustable Boom Pitch: 0 – 30 degrees, allowing precise alignment and fitting.
  • Adjustable Rotation Limit: Provides control over the rotation of the lift.
  • Warranty: 3-year transferable warranty, reflecting the product’s longevity and reliability.
  • Installed Weight: 66 lbs., allowing for easy installation and integration into your vehicle.

The AL425 2-Axis Inside Lift is a testament to Harmar’s dedication to delivering superior mobility solutions. With its attractive design, functional features, and user-friendly operation, it stands as a prime option for anyone looking to transport mobility devices with ease and style. Trust in the AL425 to revolutionize your mobility experience with convenience, efficiency, and cutting-edge design.

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