Handicap Equipment Auto Lift AL435 Axis III / 3-Axis Inside Lift

The AL435 3-Axis Inside Lift revolutionizes the way power chairs and scooters are transported. It can effortlessly maneuver the largest mobility devices into the smallest vehicle openings. This lift’s adaptability extends to mini-vans, full-sized vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and special vehicles like the Chrysler PT Cruiser. What sets the AL435 apart is its triple-axis lift, providing fully powered lifting, boom extension, and rotation. These functionalities make loading your mobility device incredibly smooth and convenient.

  • Extended Reach: A full 10.8 inches of power extension to reach beyond the rear bumper, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Power Operations: Fully powered lifting, extension, and rotation, for effortless loading and positioning.
  • Versatile Base: New, simplified base design fits in a smaller footprint, easing installation and disassembly.
  • Easy Installation: Faster mounting with fewer holes and less drilling, when necessary, saves time and effort.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be installed on the passenger or driver side, offering great flexibility.
  • Optional Wireless Remote: Enhances ease of operation.
  • EZ-Detach Seatback Accessory: Converts power chairs to a lower profile to fit more easily into small cargo areas and includes user-friendly features.
  • Lifting Capacity: Maximum 400 lbs., suitable for various power chairs and scooters.
  • Installed Weight: 76 lbs., a balanced weight that eases the installation process.
  • Lifting Height: Ranges from 31″ to 43″ at horizontal boom position, providing versatility.
  • Range of Boom Adjustment: Powered adjustment from 21″ to 31.8″, ensuring a tailored fit.
  • Arm Angle Adjustment: -31.5 to 40.5 degrees, adjustable in 5-degree increments, offers flexibility.
  • Column Rotation: 180-degree adjustable at +/- 20-degree increments, for precise positioning.
  • Arm Reach: 22″-33″, accommodating different sized mobility devices.
  • Warranty: The AL435 comes with the standard 3-year transferable warranty from Harmar, reflecting its quality and reliability.

Harmar’s AL435 3-Axis Inside Lift is a state-of-the-art mobility solution that offers unprecedented flexibility and versatility. Its robust design, powerful functionalities, and adaptive features make it suitable for a wide range of vehicles and mobility devices. From its extended reach to the ease of installation and adjustment, the AL435 ensures that transporting your power chair or scooter is never a hassle. Trust in the AL435 to deliver the best in convenience, adaptability, and reliability.

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