Handicap Platform Lifts Commercial Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift

Introducing a cable hydraulic lift designed to provide secure and reliable vertical access for individuals with physical disabilities. This lift serves as an essential solution to enhance accessibility, making spaces more inclusive and accommodating. Available in two standard platform sizes, both featuring 43 3/8″ high barrier side walls, this lift prioritizes safety while ensuring a comfortable experience for users.

Dependable Emergency Backup System: Safety remains a top priority, which is why this cable hydraulic lift includes an emergency battery-powered backup system. Even during a main power failure, the lift can continue to lower and raise, ensuring uninterrupted access. The automatic battery recharging system ensures that the emergency battery is consistently charged and ready for action.

Comprehensive Safety Features: Equipped with a range of safety features, this lift is designed to offer the utmost protection for users. Under-platform obstruction sensors prevent any potential obstacles from affecting the lift’s operation. Constant pressure control buttons allow precise and controlled movement. A handrail provides added support, while an emergency stop switch and final limit switch ensure maximum safety. The inclusion of anti-slip flooring further minimizes risks.

Adaptable for Various Environments: This cable hydraulic lift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering versatility to cater to different settings. Its stainless-steel construction guarantees durability, and the electrostatically applied baked-on polyester gloss powder coat paint ensures a resilient finish that can withstand various conditions.

A Commitment to Inclusivity: With its comprehensive safety measures and robust design, this cable hydraulic lift is more than just a vertical access solution – it’s a testament to creating spaces that prioritize accessibility for everyone. Proudly serving South Florida, this lift from Advanced Mobility stands as a reliable means of vertical access, ensuring that individuals with physical disabilities can navigate their environments with ease and confidence.

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