Handicap Platform Lifts Vertical Platform Lift

Introducing a cable hydraulic lift that prioritizes safety and accessibility for individuals with physical disabilities. This exceptional lift offers a dependable means of vertical access, making spaces more inclusive and convenient for everyone. Available in two standard platform sizes, each equipped with 43 3/8″ high barrier side walls, this lift ensures a secure experience for users.

Emergency Battery Backup for Uninterrupted Access: Safety is paramount, and this cable hydraulic lift goes the extra mile to provide peace of mind. With an integrated emergency battery-powered backup system, the lift remains fully functional even during a main power failure. The automatic battery recharging system ensures that the emergency battery is always ready and fully charged, ensuring continuous operation.

Advanced Safety Features for Optimal Protection: This lift boasts a range of safety features designed to create a secure environment. Under-platform obstruction sensors prevent any potential hazards, while constant pressure control buttons enable precise control. A handrail offers additional support, and an emergency stop switch and final limit switch ensure complete safety. The anti-slip flooring adds another layer of security.

Versatile Use and Durable Construction: Whether for indoor or outdoor use, this cable hydraulic lift offers versatility to cater to various settings. The lift’s stainless-steel construction guarantees durability, while the electrostatically applied baked-on polyester gloss powder coat paint ensures a lasting finish that withstands the elements.

Prioritizing Accessibility Everywhere: With its comprehensive safety features and reliable design, this cable hydraulic lift is more than a vertical access solution – it’s a step toward creating spaces that are accessible and accommodating to all. Experience the convenience and inclusivity this lift brings to your environment.


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