Handicap Power Wheelchair Auto Lift AL580 Next Generation

Introducing the AL580 Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift, a state-of-the-art outside vehicle platform lift that promises to revolutionize the way you transport your power wheelchair. As the lightest solution on the market, the AL580 combines compactness, durability, and American craftsmanship, offering an aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient profile. Designed to meet the needs of those seeking a quick and automatic securing option without altering their power wheelchairs, the AL580’s stylish and compact design makes it a must-have for every power wheelchair owner.

  • Effortless Security: Features a padded hold-down arm that conveniently secures the power wheelchair without needing any modifications.
  • Automatic Folding: Lift folds automatically when unoccupied, preserving the vehicle’s exterior appearance.
  • No Straps or Tie-Downs Required: Eliminates the need for additional securing mechanisms, simplifying the lifting process.
  • License Plate Mount: Included for seamless integration and compliance.
  • Swing-Away Option Available: Adds another layer of convenience and adaptability.
  • Lifting Capacity: A robust 350 lbs, suitable for most power wheelchairs.
  • Platform Size: A compact 16.5″ x 27″, ensuring a tidy appearance.
  • Installed Weight: An impressive 63 lbs, making it the lightest solution available.
  • Hitch Height: Ranges from 5″ to 24″, adaptable with the appropriate hitch adapter.
  • Hitch Class: Compatible with Class II or III, offering flexibility with various vehicles.
  • Warranty: Protected by a 3-Year Transferable Warranty, for peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

The AL580 Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift represents a perfect blend of form and function, offering a discreet presence on the vehicle exterior while delivering top-tier performance. Experience the next level of mobility and independence with a product that is built to last and designed to impress.

Contact us today to learn more about how the AL580 can redefine your travel experience and bring unparalleled ease to your life.

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