Jive!™ Handheld Communicator with Environmental Control

Jive!™ Handheld Communicator with Environmental Control Environment Control Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Florida
Jive! is a totally new handheld communication aid.Jive! Now with switch access and updated Grid Mobile 2 software. Jive! offers a wide range of symbol and text communication, uses the incredibly clear Acapela voice synthesizer, and introduces full infra-red environmental control for the first time in an AAC device of this size. Set up the Jive! either onboard or via the software included with purchase.Key Features
•  Handheld, lightweight and portable
•  Long battery life
•  Touch accessible, highly visible screen – even in bright sunlight
•  Comprehensive message building capabilities
•  Symbol and text communication (or a combination)
•  Widgit symbol library
•  Clear, synthesized, high quality Acapela voices
•  Predictive typing
•  Simple edit mode and appearance settings
•  Word lists
X10 communicates between transmitters and receivers by sending and receiving signals over the existing electrical wiring in your home. The X10 Transceiver then sends commands to the X10 modules. A separate X10 module is required for each appliance you want to control.