Mobility Handicap Lifts Liko Uno

Introducing the Basic Commercial Grade Lift – Uno, a smartly designed lift that embodies tried and tested principles, along with unique features that make it a preferred choice in residential and home-care settings. It’s especially suited for daily use, providing ease and flexibility to cater to various lifting needs, including in tight spaces such as bathrooms.

Key Models and Specifications:
  • Uno 100: Lifting Capacity: 450 lbs. (205 kg)
  • Uno 102: Lifting Capacity: 385 lbs. (175 kg)
  • Height Positions: With three adjustable height positions, Uno is adaptable to different lifting situations, providing optimal convenience.
  • Smart Flexlink: Liko’s innovative Flexlink, an extra link arm that extends the distance to the lift column, enables near-vertical lifting motion, and offers enhanced flexibility for lifting from the floor.
  • Versatility: Uno’s availability in two sizes and adjustable height positions ensures that it can be tailored to individual requirements, making it highly versatile.
  • Ease of Use: Uno’s intuitive design and smart features make it user-friendly, enabling caregivers to efficiently manage lifting tasks.
  • Space-Efficient: Its compact design allows Uno to be maneuvered with ease, even in constrained spaces, making it ideal for home and residential care environments.
  • Innovation: The unique Flexlink system enables a nearly vertical lifting motion, allowing greater flexibility in handling different lifting scenarios, particularly when lifting from the floor.


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