Parker Bath

Introducing the Parker Bath from ARJO: Elevating Assisted Bathing to New Heights

Bathing is a vital part of daily life, and as we age, its challenges grow. The Parker Bath from ARJO is a transformative solution, offering a seamless blend of comfort, safety, and convenience. Here’s why the Parker Bath stands out as a remarkable choice:

Unparalleled Design: The Parker Bath stands alone in its class, merging side-entry access with powered raising, lowering, and reclining capabilities. This unique combination ensures a smooth and secure assisted bathing experience, catering to both residents and caregivers.

Inclusive Accessibility: With its side-entry access system and integrated molded bath seat, the Parker Bath accommodates all residents, including those with limited mobility. It’s a game-changer for individuals like Albert, Barbara, and Carl, providing effortless transfer solutions.

Versatile Placement: The Parker Bath’s compact, stand-alone design and flexible utility connections offer flexibility in installation. It seamlessly fits into alcoves, peninsula arrangements, or even as the centerpiece of the room.

Setting New Standards: In healthcare and hospital settings, the Parker Bath redefines care, eliminating manual handling risks and streamlining bathing routines. The result is enhanced care efficiency and resident comfort.

Enduring Excellence: Continuous innovation and focus on quality have earned the Parker Bath prestigious design awards and enduring recognition. Its reliable performance and sleek appearance stand the test of time, ensuring a long and intensive service life.

Streamlined Bathing Cycle: The Parker Bath revolutionizes the bathing cycle, prioritizing resident safety and dignity. From pre-filling to assisted transfers, every step is optimized for efficiency and comfort. With unique side-entry access and height adjustability, caregivers work comfortably, ensuring optimal care quality.

Hygienic Innovation: The optional MultiClean system enhances hygiene, combating cross-infection risks efficiently. It automates hygiene procedures, giving caregivers more time to provide personalized care, while residents enjoy a higher quality bathing experience.

Quality Beyond Compare: Crafted with the highest standards, the Parker Bath features glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) for warmth, comfort, and durability. Rigorous quality control and adherence to industry standards ensure reliability, backed by features like battery backup and thermostatic control.

Welcome to a world where assisted bathing is transformed into a luxurious, dignified, and efficient experience. The Parker Bath from ARJO represents a commitment to excellence, where residents and caregivers alike enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge design and unwavering quality.

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