Pool Lifts Model 180-135

The In-Ground, Automatic 135° Seat Rotation Pool and Spa Lift is designed to provide accessible entry and exit for individuals with disabilities in in-ground pools and spas with built-in benches or seats. This lift adheres to ADA guidelines and offers convenient features.

Key Features of the In-Ground, Automatic 135° Seat Rotation Pool and Spa Lift:
  • Automatic 135° Seat Rotation: The lift features an automatic 135° clockwise seat rotation. This rotation enhances accessibility by allowing the user to smoothly transition from the deck to the pool or spa.
  • Weight Capacity: The lift can lift weights of up to 400 lbs. at a water pressure of 55-65 PSI. The exact capacity may vary based on the weight of accessories chosen.
  • Portability: The lift is portable and can be lifted out and rolled away without the need for tools. This feature allows for easy storage and repositioning when needed.
  • Height Adjustment: The height of the lift in the raised position can vary up to 7’1″, accommodating various pool and spa depths.
  • Enhanced Design for Built-In Benches: Model IGAT-180/135 is specifically designed for pools and spas with built-in benches. The lift allows the user’s feet on the footrest to avoid the benches. It also descends into the deeper center of the pool/spa.
  • Rubber Pad for Protection: A rubber pad under the seat is available to protect built-in benches, ensuring their integrity while using the lift.
  • Clockwise Turn and Opposite Turn Option: The standard unit rotates clockwise, allowing easy access from the deck. An opposite turn (opposite facing seat) option is also available.
  • Easy Side-to-Side Transfers: The lift’s design facilitates side-to-side transfers, aided by the flip-up footrest and the mounting arm being under the seat. This provides unobstructed transfer space.
  • User-Operable and Adjustable: The lift is user-operable and adjustable. Its seat height can be easily adjusted to accommodate different wheelchair heights.
  • Florida Standards and ADA Compliance: Model IGAT-180/135 meets Florida Standards for Accessible Design and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It ensures easy and affordable access to in-ground pools and spas with built-in benches.

The In-Ground, Automatic 135° Seat Rotation Pool and Spa Lift offers a comprehensive solution for making in-ground pools and spas accessible to individuals with disabilities. Its automatic seat rotation, built-in bench compatibility, and adherence to ADA guidelines make it a valuable addition to facilities seeking to enhance accessibility.

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