Pool Lifts Model AG-48WP

The Spa Lift Model AG-48WP is designed to offer accessibility for above-ground pools and spas with walls over 48 inches in height. This lift is a specialized solution for providing assisted access to individuals with disabilities in such settings.

Key Features of the Spa Lift Model AG-48WP:
  • Assisted Operation: Typically, this lift is operated with assistance, involving a helper or attendant to assist the user in utilizing the lift.
  • Manual 360° Seat Turn: The lift includes a manual 360° seat turn feature. This allows the seat to be manually rotated 360 degrees, enabling easy access from different angles.
  • Powered by Water Pressure: The lift operates using water pressure as its power source, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  • Weight Capacity: The lift can handle weights of up to 300 lbs (approximately 136 kg) at a water pressure of 55 PSI.
  • Vertical Seat Travel: The standard vertical seat travel of the lift is 31 inches.
  • Wood-Post Mount: The lift installs on a customer-supplied 6″ x 6″ wood post set 30″ into the ground. This wood post is secured with concrete and cut off even with the top of the pool wall.
  • Seat Mounting Options: The standard seat can be mounted facing right, left, or straight out. It includes two stationary armrests.
  • Unassisted Use: Several styles of manual-turn handles are available, allowing some users to operate the lift unassisted by manually rotating themselves while on the seat.
  • Suitable Wall Height: This model is specifically designed for freestanding above-ground pools and spas with walls over 48 inches in height.
  • Available in Other Models: The wood-post (WP) design is also available for AG-60 and AG-72 models, providing options for different pool and spa settings.

The Spa Lift Model AG-48WP offers a specialized solution for making above-ground pools and spas with walls over 48 inches in height accessible to individuals with disabilities. Its wood-post mount design, manual seat turn, and assisted operation make it a valuable addition to settings where higher walls might pose accessibility challenges.

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