Pool Lifts Model IGRC

The In-Ground Recessed Cylinder Manual 360° Seat Turn Pool Lift you’ve described is designed to provide assisted access for individuals with disabilities in in-ground pool environments. It offers features that enhance its usability and convenience.

Key Features of the In-Ground Recessed Cylinder Manual 360° Seat Turn Pool Lift:
  • Assisted Operation: This lift is designed for assisted operation, meaning an attendant or helper assists the user in using the lift.
  • Manual 360° Seat Turn: The lift includes a manual 360° seat turn feature. This enables the seat to be manually rotated 360 degrees, allowing smooth movement from the deck to the pool or vice versa.
  • Powered by Water Pressure: The lift operates using water pressure as its power source, which is an energy-efficient choice.
  • Weight Capacity: The lift can lift weights of up to 300 lbs. at a water pressure of 55 PSI.
  • Vertical Seat Travel: The lift offers a vertical seat travel of 42 inches, accommodating different pool depths.
  • Recessed Cylinder Design: The lift’s cylinder is recessed into the ground, providing a streamlined and integrated look within the pool environment.
  • Installation in PVC Sleeve: The lift installs in a 6-inch PVC sleeve that is sunk 30 inches below the deck. This installation method ensures stability and a secure base for the lift.
  • Pool Wall to Sleeve Center: The distance from the pool wall to the center of the sleeve is 8-14 inches, providing flexibility in installation based on pool design.

The In-Ground Recessed Cylinder Manual 360° Seat Turn Pool Lift is a specialized solution for enhancing accessibility in in-ground pool settings. Its features, including the manual seat turn, assisted operation, and integration with the pool environment through the recessed cylinder design, make it a valuable addition to facilities aiming to provide inclusive access for individuals with disabilities. The lift’s design and features contribute to a safer and more comfortable experience for users with mobility challenges.

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