Stannah Outdoor

Enjoying the outdoor spaces of your home should never be a challenge. With the Stannah 320 Outdoor stairlift, you can comfortably access your deck, garden, or any external area, regardless of the weather. Quicker to install and more space-efficient than a ramp, this stairlift is even versatile enough to assist with transporting groceries and other items upstairs. Engineered to withstand various climates from New England to Hawaii, the 320 Outdoor also offers extra security features, including a lockable key system and protective cover. For further details, installation inquiries, and pricing information, please call us at 954-888-9292.

Key Features and Benefits of the Stannah 320 Outdoor:
  • Comfortable, Safe, Reliable: External stairs become easily accessible.
  • Weather Resistant: Unaffected by dust, heavy rain, salty sea air, or extreme cold.
  • Great for Groceries: Features a seat belt for personal use and a cargo strap for transporting items.
  • Out of the Way: Folds away when not in use and includes lockable controls and a protective cover for added security.

Embrace your outdoor freedom with the Stannah 320 Outdoor, the stairlift designed to bring you comfort, reliability, and peace of mind, all year round.

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