Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator

The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator represents a groundbreaking solution for home mobility, offering unprecedented accessibility for those who rely on a wheelchair, walker, or rollator. This elegant system is more than just functional; it is designed with attention to detail, safety, and style, ensuring that your home remains fully accessible without compromising its aesthetics.

Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator Range
  • Stiltz Trio Alta: A luxurious wheelchair-accessible home elevator that can carry a full-sized wheelchair or three people. Its clear sides and discreetly recessed rails allow it to blend seamlessly into your home.
  • Stiltz Trio Thru Car: Offers the ability to enter and exit from both sides of the elevator thanks to Stiltz’s unique dual rail technology. It shares all the features of the Trio Alta and provides versatile entry and exit points on different floors.
Key Benefits:
  • Small Footprint: Uses less than 13.5 square feet of surface area.
  • Quiet Operation: Powered by a silent electric motor, avoiding noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems.
  • Fast Installation: Takes as little as one day to install, thanks to modular sections.
  • Standard Electrical Outlet Compatibility: Plugs into a regular 220v power outlet.
  • Unique Dual Rail System: Self-supporting structure with two vertical guides bearing the load.
  • Compact Drive System: The drive system is concealed at the top of the lift.
  • Stylish Options: Including in-car seat, grab rail, and full-height door options.
Standard Features
  • Drive: Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
  • Power Supply: 230V AC | 5 amps (will work off 110v with a step-up transformer)
  • Maximum Load:
  • Trio Alta: 230kg | 39st | 500lbs
  • Trio Classic: 220kg | 35st | 485lbs
  • Maximum Travel: 157 inches (13ft 2in)
  • Entrance Security: Half-height light curtain/obstruction sensor (optional full-height door)
  • Maximum Speed: 5.9 inches/second
  • Warranty: 2-year parts warranty
  • Rope Diameter: 6mm Galvanized steel rope
  • Additional Sensors: Out-of-balance & overload detection and light curtain
  • Lighting Type: 4 x 3w LED downlights
  • Landing Call Stations: 2 Wireless remote controls
  • Installation: Typical installation takes two days
  • Operation: Hold-to-run controls
  • Configuration: Single entry or double entry / ThruCar
  • Standard Finishes & Options
  • Standard Finishes: The Trio Alta is finished in grey.
  • Half Height Door: Made to match the finish of the elevator, interlocked.
  • Remote Controls: 2 x Remote controls for calling and sending the elevator.
  • Interior LED Downlights: Programmed to turn on during travel.
  • Battery Back Up System: For power outages, allows descent to the lower level.
  • Interior Telephone: Standard in all Stiltz Home Elevators.
  • Optional Extras: In-Car Seat, Interior Grab Rail, Full Height Door
Safety Features
  • Half Height Light Curtain: A full-height obstruction sensor at the entrance.
  • Safety Lid Plug: Plugs the aperture in the floor when downstairs, strong enough to stand on.
  • Key Switch Operation: Allows isolation of the elevator (e.g., during vacations).
  • Top & Bottom Safety Pans: Sensing covers to detect objects above or below, stopping the elevator.
  • Hold-To-Run Controls: Requires constant pressure for control.
  • Weight Limit Sensors: Detects exceeding weight and prevents travel.
  • Out Of Balance Sensors: Prevents travel if out of balance.
  • Fall Arrest Mechanism: Patented system to prevent the car from falling.
  • Emergency Stop Button: Located front and center for quick access.

The Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Elevator’s thoughtful design, safety features, and customizable options make it an invaluable addition to any home needing enhanced accessibility. It is not only a robust solution for mobility but a sleek and stylish complement to modern home design.

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