Handicap Lifts

  • The Golvo Multipurpose Lift by Liko is a state-of-the-art lifting solution designed with a patented lifting principle that offers unmatched flexibility and versatility. Engineered to address the diverse

  • Introducing Capella, an electrically powered Sit-to-Stand lift, purposefully designed for those who find it challenging to rise from a seated to a standing position. This groundbreaking lift offers both

  • Introducing Caroli, a state-of-the-art home care lift designed to cater to various everyday living situations for residents and caregivers. With electrically powered lifting motion and adjustable height …

  • Meet Liko Light, a revolutionary portable lift designed for those in need of a mobile lifting solution that is not only highly functional but also convenient to store and transport. Made with top-notch

  • Introducing the Sabina Sit-to-Stand Professional Grade Lift, a versatile and innovative lifting solution designed to cater to the individual needs of patients. Unlike other sit-to-stand lifts, Sabina

  • Introducing the Basic Commercial Grade Lift – Uno, a smartly designed lift that embodies tried and tested principles, along with unique features that make it a preferred choice in residential

  • Small but strong, the Viking S is the smallest member of the Viking family and offers a compelling combination of benefits and features. It’s an easily maneuvered mobile lift, making it perfect

  • The all-round lift, Viking M, is sure to become a favored lifting solution, offering a blend of features and benefits designed for optimal performance. With over 25 years of market-leading

  • For the heaviest lifts, Viking XL stands as a robust and reliable solution. Specially designed for heavy patients, it’s equally suitable for average-sized individuals. With a lifting capacity that reaches