Mobile Lifts

Liko’s mobile lifts, distributed by Advanced Mobility in South Florida, offer an excellent blend of safety, convenience, and versatility.

  • Sara Steady® represents a significant advancement in mobility-promoting support aids. It builds on the previous success of Steady®, enhancing its features to minimize manual handling

  • SARA Lite presents a battery-powered solution, revolutionizing the process of raising and lowering semi-dependent residents for transfers and toileting. Designed for the seamless operation

  • Introducing the SARA 3000 – an evolved standing and raising aid that embodies the latest advancements within the pioneering realm of ArjoHuntleigh’s product spectrum. Crafted with ergonomic …

  • Meet SARA Plus, the embodiment of comprehensive standing and raising aid capabilities, accompanied by an innovative twist – a set of advanced patient support features that transcend

  • “The first step is the hardest.” This timeless adage finds new relevance for patients facing the challenge of regaining their ability to walk. In this pivotal journey, The Walker emerges as a steadfast